The Belarusian economy is doing well under difficult conditions

MINSK, October 4 (BelTA) – The national economy is showing positive dynamism in quite difficult conditions, said House Chairman Vladimir Andreichenko at the opening of the sixth session of the House of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly of the seventh convocation, BelTA learned.

“It is extremely important that the economy shows a positive dynamic under very difficult framework conditions, which confirms the effectiveness of the approaches we have chosen. It is our task to consistently improve the business climate. At the same time, we have to think about how the work collectives and skills can be preserved. Today this actually means protecting economic sovereignty, “said Vladimir Andreichenko.

In his opinion, MPs should approach the bills on licenses, investments, business corporations, road transport, bankruptcy and a host of other documents expected by the business community with this in mind. “However, when foreign investors agree to work honestly in the Belarusian market and respect the requirements of a socially oriented economy, we are always ready to meet them halfway. Tech Park and the Great Stone Industrial Park, our largest innovation clusters, “said the spokesman.” The task of creating a stable business environment should be considered when preparing a package of household and tax bills. Economic support in the country should be “provided without affecting the main social programs.”

Vladimir Andreichenko emphasized that a strong social policy has always been a trademark of the Belarusian state. “We must preserve them by improving not only the financial and economic mechanisms, but also the methods of combating economically debilitating activities. We need to be proactive. One of these preventive measures should be the introduction of criminal liability for requests to impose sanctions ”against Belarus. Extremists and their henchmen should be aware that they cannot harm Belarus and its people with impunity. We need to focus on ensuring the economic and social well-being of honest and law-abiding citizens: workers who create our country’s wealth, students, families raising children and people in need of government assistance for various reasons, “he said.

In order to carry out this task, MEPs have to examine the documents on the protection of the rights of people with disabilities and their social integration, draft laws intended to ensure peace, order and security in the country.

“A bill to amend the Culture Code has been submitted to the House of Representatives. Its public discussion is already underway. MEPs should take an active part in it, as this document is just as important as the new education law, the Belarusian school should look even further. But the most important lesson we have learned from last year’s situation is that education cannot be understood as just a sector of paid services. As the President emphasized, this is a stronghold of national statehood. So we have to preserve the role of the state in such a strategically important sector for the future of Belarus. We do not reject private initiatives or advanced foreign practices that help make Belarusian education more competitive. But we have to understand that all private institutions or services strictly synchronize in with state policy, “said the spokesman for the House of Representatives.

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