Payroll loan with new minimum salary


Retirees and Pensioners can enter the new year, with some news when it comes to minimum wage and payroll deductible loans .

Find out how you’ll get the paycheck with the salary increase in 2018.

Minimum Wage Increase 2018

Minimum Wage Increase 2018

President Michel Temer signed the decree, which will be published in an extra edition of the Federal Official Gazette (DOU), on 29/12, setting the 2018 minimum wage at R $ 954 .

Currently the national minimum was at R $ 937. The adjustment of R $ 17 will be effective as of January 1.

The presidential decree also establishes that the daily value of the minimum wage will correspond to R $ 31.80. The hourly amount, at R $ 4.34.

The calculation of the increase of the minimum wage takes into account the growth of the inflation of the previous year and the growth of the Gross Domestic Product of the previous two years.

As the GDP of 2016 had a negative variation, only the estimate of the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) was estimated at 1.81%.

Although the readjustment was the lowest of the last 24 years and than the estimate that had been approved by the National Congress (R $ 965), it should directly benefit about 45 million people in the country, among them are the INSS Retirees and Pensioners .

For retirees who receive more than one minimum wage, the percentage increase was 2.07% in 2018 . The increase corresponds to the accumulated inflation in 2017 according to the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

With this new measure and the new payroll loan rules announced in 2017 , INSS beneficiaries can have easier access to payroll deductible loans.

Payroll Loan with new minimum salary

Payroll Loan with new minimum salary

With the increase in monthly income, the amount borrowed and committed to payroll loan installments may also be higher.

The INSS allowable margin, that is, the limit value that the beneficiary can commit with consigned loan installments will remain at 35%, 5% for exclusive use in the expenses and withdrawals of the consigned card. However, the salary readjustment will release a new margin.

New Consignable Margin 

Thus, those who earn only the minimum wage, for example, with the new value can assume installments of up to R $ 286.20 per month.

This amount already considers all payroll loans, discounted from the benefit (retirement or pension). 

If the beneficiary already has other contracts in force, he may contract new credit, acquiring maximum installments in the value of the difference (new available margin).

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You must also be aware of the maximum number of contracts allowed per benefit. The lines will go from six to nine payroll loan contracts for Retirees and Pensioners.

In addition, other very important information that must be taken into account, by all who want to acquire consigned loan, is the payment table of INSS 2018.

Available since the end of the year, the 2018 benefit payment table released by Social Security , informs the complete schedule.

Thus, every Retiree and Pensioner who receives up to a salary or above a minimum wage must follow the calendar with the dates to realize the benefits withdrawals .

The criterion for setting the dates is given by the final number of the benefit (before the digit) , which appears on the beneficiary’s magnetic card.

From the calendar, it is possible to make a minimal financial organization, thus facilitating personal and family budget planning. With this, it is possible to put the accounts in order and guarantee quality of life. And believe it: even when there is a need to hire a payroll loan.

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How to hire the Payroll Loan?


The paycheck is the personal loan with the cheapest interest rate on the market . In addition, your payment is facilitated by being automatically deducted from retirement or pension.

In the case of the loan for retirees and pensioners, the hiring can only be performed in banks authorized by Social Security .

Bxblue is one of the companies specializing in payroll loans, authorized by the Central Bank, which are already able to anticipate proposals and contracts based on the new increase.

And what is the advantage of requesting the proposal of the consignee before?

Once approved by Dataprev, Social Security payment system, the registration and release of credit, will respect the order of inclusion of proposals in the system of banks.

Soon, proposals inserted before, will also be registered and released before. That means money in your account in less time!

So if plans for 2018 include taking a trip, renovating the house or paying debts like the credit card or overdraft, take the time to simulate your payday loan with bxblue .

By performing the online simulation you can discover the assignable margin, compare offers from various banks or even receive free automatic notices on new opportunities for refinancing or carrying your credit .

After all, life changes. Your credit need too. With bxblue it is possible to trace the personal goal and technology takes care of the rest.

So you do not have to worry about anything else. Just wait for the money in the account to realize that dream or resolve that financial pendency.