New style could benefit outstanding Arizona stars Bennedict Mathurin and Azuolas Tubelis | Arizona Wildcats Basketball

“For me it was a more family decision to go back to school for about a year and increase my chance of just becoming a better player in general,” said Mathurin. “I love school anyway.”

While pushing both Tubelis and Mathurin to improve, Lloyd said he had no specific statistical goals in mind, but both sophomores are expected to improve their shooting skills and become more consistently dominant.

Last season, Tubelis shot 49.8% from the field and 31.0% from the 3-point range, mostly dominating the post, while Mathurin scored 47.1% overall and 41.8% of 3, both inwards slit and pull up for 3s, often on the break.

“I want efficient players,” says Lloyd. “Hopefully our big boys will shoot almost 60% and Benn, talented as he is, should be a guard who hopes to shoot over 50% off the field and be really skilled at two-man shooting.”

That they’ll do this in a faster system, both Mathurin and Tubelis say, should benefit them.

“We had two great coaches,” said Mathurin when asked about the difference between former UA coach Sean Miller and Lloyd. “It’s just a different style of play and it suits my game really well. I’m really grateful for that. “

Tubelis said he played a similar style in those FIBA ​​U19 games, leading Lithuania to sixth place out of 16 teams while averaging 16.6 points and 8.9 rebounds per game.

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