Limets addresses human rights with the Belarusian Foreign Minister at the United Nations | news

The European Union does not recognize the government of long-time President Alexander Lukashenko and is imposing sanctions on Belarus for its brutal treatment of demonstrators and the forcible diversion of an airplane flying through its airspace.

Liimets explained why the meeting was held that the role of the foreign minister was to communicate with both friendly and hostile states.

“The United Nations is a format where countries can take the opportunity to meet with countries with which relations are so strained that bilateral visits and normal communication are impossible,” she said.

Liimets said other EU countries were aware of her meeting with Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei.

She said Estonia, the EU and its partners are completely in agreement on not recognizing Belarus’ 2020 presidential elections, which were neither free nor fair, and the messages sent to the country.

“This is a call for democratic elections in Belarus, the release of all political prisoners, and only dialogue can lead to free elections. Estonia presented these messages together with the European Union and we will of course stick to these demands. The Estonian side has made no concessions here, “said the Foreign Minister.

Liimets said she raised the issue of human rights at the meeting.

“A wide range of issues were discussed at our meeting, and I myself mentioned all issues related to human rights violations, and of course we believe it is very important that political prisoners are released in Belarus, that human rights are respected.” that media freedom and media pluralism are guaranteed. I brought all of these questions to the table, “she said.

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