Latest News: Epic Games Says Google Has Established A Fortnite Task Force To Protect The Charges

Google has set up a task force to prevent Android users from downloading the popular game Fourteen days outside of its Play Store, Epic Games claimed in a court filing published Monday.

The move helped Google withhold fees from the game, but it contradicted the idea that Android is an “open” platform, according to Epic’s legal filing that does Fourteen days.

Epic has sued Google and Apple, accusing them of running monopolies by charging 30 percent fees on in-app purchases. Epic lost to Apple in most cases, but won its claim to give developers the right to give users other payment options. Both parties have appealed.

The case against Google is more complex, however, as Android app developers are not forced to distribute their apps through the Play Store, while Apple’s App Store is the only place where its users can download apps.

Epic argued in the court record that the ability for users to “sideload” apps from third-party stores or directly from the Internet was more theoretical than real.

When Fourteen days – the world’s most popular game – launched a direct download feature in August 2018 and offered distribution through the Samsung Galaxy Store, Google feared the trend could spread further and launched a campaign to find out how users would like it Options outside of the Play Store can be deterred, according to the unedited court records.

Read more about the Apple Epic duel here.

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