KGB arrests former workers at the Belarusian iron and steel plant

Svyatlana cyl. Photo: Homelskaya Viasna

KGB officials arrested 40-year-old Svyatlana Zyl, a resident of Zhlobin who used to work for the Belarusian Iron and Steel Works (BMZ), and took her to Minsk, Homielskaya Viasna reports.

The search of Svyatlana Zyl’s apartment took an hour and a half. Then she was heard as a witness at the local KGB branch in Zhlobin. After another four-hour interrogation, the woman was transported to the capital.

They said that she The release would “depend on their behavior”youR ‘, Snyazhana PAhorzin one, the prisoner’s sister, stressed. At the moment, their status is unknown. A defense Lawyer Has not been allowed to see Svyatlana.

In May, shopkeeper SvYestlana cyl quit her job after the works authorities failed to renew her manager’s contract Ramanenka because of political reasons. As a sign of protest and solidarity, SvYestlana Letter of termination submitted and took her workbook with her that same day.

A total of around 40 people have been released from the BMZ since August 2020: some of them joined the nationwide strike, some did not get their contracts extended, others got a sack after be imprisoned. Alyaksandr HOman, Yaw B.aBrothersyou and IHar Pavaroyou were sentenced to imcaptivity for trying Beginning a strike in the company on August 17, 2020.

Zhlobin: Another minor convicted in Belarus

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