Having its own vaccine means just as much for Belarus as Gagarin’s journey into space

Dmitri Shevtsov. An archive photo

MINSK, June 17 (BelTA) – The development of the Belarusian vaccine will be a real breakthrough for home medicine, the chief physician of the Minsk City Hospital No. 1, chairman of the Belarusian Medical Association, Dmitry Shevtsov told BelTA.

“Belarus will develop its own vaccine by the end of the year. For Belarus it becomes synonymous with Gagarin’s flight into space. After all, the best Belarusian specialists, including those from related fields, will be involved in the project, ”said the chief doctor.

“Belarus continues despite the sanctions. We stand together, we are moving in the right direction to keep peace and calm in our country, ”said Dmitry Shevtsov.

According to him, health care has always been high on the agenda for the Belarusian government. “We saw it especially well when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. The government has helped in many ways. Health professionals received moral and financial support, ”said Dmitry Shevtsov.

“We see how many health facilities the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko visited during this difficult time, how many people he met. He never hesitated to help when needed. Almost every polyclinic in Minsk has computed tomographs, thanks to which thousands of lives have been saved, since timely diagnosis is crucial, “said the doctor.

According to Dmitry Shevtsov, conference calls are held every week in Minsk and the regions where high-level officials from the country’s central and regional governments discuss and resolve emerging problems.

The chief doctor noted that there are other diseases besides COVID that require just as much attention from health workers. “In fact, health professionals work in difficult conditions. They understand that it is their duty. The state, in turn, supports them, ”said Dmitry Shevtsov.

The chief physician added that vaccination of medical staff was gaining traction. “The third wave was not so intense because of the vaccine,” concluded the chairman of the Belarusian Medical Association.

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