External efforts to destabilize Belarus are becoming more inventive

Natalya Kochanova. An archive photo

MINSK, October 14 (BelTA) – External efforts to destabilize the situation in Belarus are becoming increasingly sophisticated, said Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, Natalya Kochanova, at a plenary session “Women: A Global Mission in a New Reality” of the Third BelTA found out about the Eurasian women’s forum in St. Petersburg.

“We live in difficult times. The world is going through a serious stress test. And it’s not just about the pandemic. The confrontation of cultures and civilizations is intensifying, the rhetoric in international relations is becoming more aggressive, as is the media landscape, radicalism and extremism are becoming real threats. And worst of all, human contact based on love, trust and respect is dwindling, morality is eroding. Six years ago I had deep compassion for those who attended the first forum who spoke about civil wars, aggression and armed clashes in their countries. And it was completely incomprehensible how that could happen in the 21st century. Such things seemed impossible in our country. Belarus is a young, dynamically developing republic in which people have always been the focus. Under the wise leadership of our President, our country is pursuing a consistent policy of improving the quality of life of the people, ”said Natalya Kochanova.

The Belarusian government pays the greatest attention to mothers and children, large families, the older generation and people with disabilities. Representatives of different ethnic groups and beliefs live there in peace and harmony. Belarus is a place of social justice, peace and tranquility.

“The year 2020 has put us to the test. The brazen and cynical intervention of outside forces disrupted the usual way of life. A large-scale and intense hybrid war has broken out against our country, including through the use of social media. Unfortunately, some of our compatriots got drawn into political games. After succumbing to provocations by hostile media, they got lost and became a tool in the hands of the masterminds of the color revolutions. They acted thoughtlessly on someone else’s orders and stoked enmity and discord among neighbors, work colleagues, and even family members. It was painful to see national foundations and values ​​destroyed and state symbols desecrated. In white clothes, with red flowers and to folk songs, they marched in street actions against the government under the guise of peaceful protest. Individual Belarusian women brought bitter disappointment and deep shame to the Belarusian nation. Contrary to the nature of the Belarusian woman, that is, guardian of the family, source of creative inspiration and spirituality, symbol of kindness and harmony, they first took to the streets and then went into exile abroad. By begging for grants and demanding sanctions, they are selling the welfare of the people in our country, “said the spokesman.

Natalya Kochanova stressed that the Belarusians cannot accept this. “Our genetic memories still hold the shocks of destructive wars that are unleashed neither by us nor by our will. This year it will be 100 years since Belarusian land was torn into western and eastern parts. They only got back together in 1939. In 2020 we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. It was the war in which a third of our residents died. All the forces of goodwill in our country have rallied against the cold-blooded and calculated attempts to divide us, the Belarusians, again and to bury our statehood alive. Representatives of the Belarusian people – members of the Council of the Republic, MPs, workers’ collectives, trade unions and public associations – have urged the international community to leave Belarus alone and build our own future for us. We are always ready for an open and honest dialogue with everyone. We will always try to maintain peace, calm and order on earth, normal human relationships. The Belarusian patriots joined forces in September last year at the first Belarusian women’s forum in defense of their fatherland. We appealed to everyone who stands for humanity, compassion and care for the younger generation, ”she said.

Despite the efforts of our disapproval, the Belarusian people held out. “We have preserved our statehood. After all, the truth is on our side. We finally found out who is who. External attempts to destabilize Belarus have not stopped and are becoming bolder and more sophisticated. Radicalization is mounting, with the attempt to kill a journalist, burn the homes of MPs and officials, and the recent outrageous murder of a KGB officer on duty. Any reasonable action by Belarus – be it the readiness to prepare its airport for a plane landing due to a terrorist threat or to protect the state border from the stream of illegal migrants – triggers a wave of emotions, “said the chairman of the Council of the Republic. And this almost immediately destroys the opportunity to constructively discuss our actions, “said the spokesman.

“But it is important that we are not alone. There are people who look in the same direction as us, for whom good neighborliness and decency, humanity and justice are not just fine words but principles. We are grateful to all countries that supported us during this difficult time and are now supporting us. First of all, we are grateful to Russia, our sister nation, and its leadership. The tests made us stronger, forged our spirits, and became another milestone in building national character. We have fully realized the importance of our unity. That is why we have declared 2021 the year of people’s unity in Belarus. On September 17 this year we celebrated a new Belarusian holiday – People’s Unity Day, ”she added. “The events of 2020 do not only affect Belarus. That is our common problem. After all, any state can find itself in a similar situation. With the help of electronic devices and the Internet, you can undermine stability and peace anywhere in the world. Hence today it is impossible to be indifferent. It is necessary to meet halfway, to look for points of contact, to listen and hear each other, to help in every difficult situation, as Russia and China are doing in the fight against the COVID infection. We immediately sent humanitarian aid to the Chinese people who first faced the pandemic. Our strategic partners, in turn, help us to master this challenge. We are infinitely grateful to the leadership, the peoples of Russia and China for the close, trusting cooperation with Belarus. “

The Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia and the CIS-IPA are organizing the Third Eurasian Women’s Forum in St. Petersburg from October 13th to 15th. The motto of the forum, which takes place every three years, is integration and cooperation to strengthen the role of women in achieving sustainable development goals and new approaches to solving global problems in the course of political, economic, technological, social and ecological changes. The forum brings together parliamentarians, representatives of executive authorities, international organizations, global corporations, business circles, academia, public organizations and charitable projects as well as influential figures from the international women’s movement.

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