Election in Germany: Country decides on successor to Angela Merkel

Voting starts at 3:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m. (Brasilia time; 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). Merkel’s candidate Armin Lashed; The other two are considered important (See details below)

In some parts of the country, people voted to wear the usual clothing or clothing of their region:

A man dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes enters a polling station in the Bavarian Benedictines this Sunday (26). – Photo: Michael Rehley / Reuters

On September 26th, a woman in her usual Black Forest costume cast her vote in Gudach, Baden-Württemberg, Black Forest. – Photo: Arnd Weekman / Reuters

On the other hand, there were concerns in some regions More expensive – Your use is mandatory this Sunday due to the coronavirus infection in the polling stations.

In the state North Rhine-WestphaliaHowever, the cities were already preparing for those who refused to use the item: for this, mobile ballot boxes were set up outside the polling stations.

In the city WuppertalIn the same state, an unexploded WWII bomb was found on Saturday night (25) that prevented residents from going to the polls.

At the beginning of Sunday, Deutsche Welle announced that around 400 people who lived within 250 meters of the bombing had been taken to a makeshift shelter in the school to wait for the equipment to malfunction.

Residents within 500 meters were advised to stay at home until the bomb explodes – which happened just before noon local time. There were five polling stations in the specified area, but they were not closed: Some who ignored official warnings could still vote.

In BerlinGerman capital, The fire brigade must intervene So that the election committee can enter the voting booth. Because it is There was a problem with the electronic lock on the square, In the Mitte district, in the city center.

In HamburgIn the north of the country, The German Bundestag member Manuel Sarraz swims on the green and goes to vote. The politician asked for donations for political prisoners from Belarus. If he donated 500 euros on election day, he would jump into a city river, swim 500 meters to the polling stations and promise to vote in a red bathing suit.

With over a thousand euros donated, he kept his promise:

Manuel Saracen, Member of the Greens, swam this Sunday (26) in a red swimsuit, as promised, to a polling station in Hamburg, if 500 euros would be donated to political prisoners in Belarus. – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram Manuel Saracen

Take a look at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s heirs

Three candidates are considered to be the main candidates, and at some point there are some chances of victory by leading the election: Olaf Scholes, SPD, Armin Lashed, Von der Christlich Demokratie Union (CDU) – Merkel’s same party – and Annalena Barbach, The Green Party (Find out more details on each or watch the video above).

In this post on the social networking site Twitter, Barbach addressed the voters: “Living in a democracy is a choice. You have to choose the weather. [Partido] Green today, ”he said.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on this Sunday to vote: “Let’s vote together for a stronger democracy and a better future,” he wrote in a statement to the Sunday newspaper.

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