Do Not Pay the Loan on Time


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However, it can happen that even with lax conditions, the consumer was unable to reimburse the amounts that were originally agreed upon, with the consequent breach of deadlines.

This happens because the circumstances of each one vary with time and it is not strange that after receiving a loan the client realizes that he can not face it within the agreed timeframe. In this case, it is where the Zengga financial technology is transparent. It duly informs its clients of the reprisals that the failure to pay the requested loan will have in the agreed time.

If the client is unable to meet the payment of the credit due, a commission for non-payment of 20.00 euros will be generated that will be added immediately to his debt, and interest will begin to be generated on the total amount owed on the due date. of the loan.

It is also advisable to check the conditions of the credit before requesting it, since depending on the conditions of the credit, the consumer will be charged a daily interest rate for delay that will be clearly specified in the loan conditions requested with this financial institution. 
From the day after the expiration, a recovery process is opened for default whose characteristics will be established in the Terms and Conditions specified in the loan loan chosen.

Alternative solutions when you can not pay the loan with Zengga

Alternative solutions when you can not pay the loan with Wonga

Zengga offers consumers short-term loans for periods of up to 60 days. This financial institution applies total transparency in the total cost of amortization, since they prioritize the economic situation of the client and evaluate it, guaranteeing that the client can return the money in the agreed time or even sooner.

For this reason, they do not encourage the extension of credits. However, if in case one of your customers could not cope with the refund of the credit on the due date, Zengga offers a personalized and individual treatment by making available to the customer a phone from which you can contact them to find a solution to this problem.

Change the due date of the loan requested to Zengga

Change the due date of the loan requested to Wonga

Another option that this financial institution puts at your disposal if you can not meet the payment of your loan Zengga on the day fixed, is to ask for a delay of the due date. In other words, the client may contact Zengga and may request an extension as long as this extension is requested before the loan expiration date.

This is a solution that can be used on two occasions since it is possible to request a maximum of two extensions per loan, provided that the sum of days carried over does not exceed 30. 
However, it should be borne in mind that requesting an extension will involve a small amount of money for the client, since the extension has a cost. If you need to extend the term of your loan, it is advisable to think carefully, and make sure that the indicated day will be the day in which the credit can be returned.

And is that each time a change is requested in the expiration date of the credit will be added 15 euros to the amount owed. This amount does not change if a second extension is requested, it will continue to be 15 euros due to a change in the due date.

You should also be aware that, when you extend the term of your loan, you will have to pay the interest that accrues until the new due date chosen. The interest rate that will be charged during the extension period will be the one stipulated in the loan conditions and also depends on the client rating that is held.

The financial entity Zengga will always inform the client of the amount to be paid on the new due date during the extension request process, so that it is he who evaluates the convenience of an extension before requesting the extension of the term of the loan.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that requesting the extension of a loan can negatively affect the client’s rating. So it is advisable before taking any action if you can not deal with the loan should always consult with the entity.