Belarus Leadership

Three world records, eight Paralympic records

2020 TOKYO SUMMER PARALYMPIC GAMES EXPLANATION OF THE PARA CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM There are 14 classifications for Paralympic swimmers, usually referred to as an “S” followed by a number. “SB” means an athlete classification for breaststroke “SM” is for individual medley events Athletes with physical impairments are divided into S1-S10, SB1-SB9 …

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Planetary Drought of Leadership – Modern Diplomacy

The beginning of August was marked by two events which, without their fundamental significance, are essential for the global agenda in order to understand what international politics may look like in the future. First, relations between China and the small Baltic state of Lithuania fell de facto after the latter’s …

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Canada is imposing additional sanctions on the first anniversary of the fraudulent presidential election in Belarus

The Honorable Foreign Minister Marc Garneau today announced new sanctions under the Law on Special Economic Measures in response to the persistent, serious and systematic human rights violations in Belarus. These new measures impose restrictions on key sectors of the Belarusian economy and minimize the access of Belarusian state actors …

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