Ariel Henry becomes the new Prime Minister of Haiti

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Haiti announced a new government on Monday with Ariel Henry as the country’s new Prime Minister. He will take over from Claude Joseph, who took over the role of interim leader after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse at his house on July 7th. Henry, a neurosurgeon, had been killed by Moïse shortly before he took office, although he was still to be sworn in. The US is pushing Haitian officials for a unity government with upcoming elections. The US has continued to rule the country since invading Haiti more than a century ago.

Pedro Castillo has been declared the new President of Peru. He will be sworn in on July 28th. Castillo, a 51-year-old former school teacher and union leader, defeated his opponent, right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, in a razor-thin victory. The country’s electoral authority announced this after reviewing Fujimori’s allegations of electoral fraud. “We will work together and bring this country together,” said Castillo during a speech in the capital, Lima.

A study shows the death toll from COVID-19 in India could be ten times the official figure – at more than 4 million. The report was published by Arvind Subramanian, the country’s former chief economic advisor, and two other researchers from the Center for Global Development and Harvard University. India broke global one-day records in the number of cases and deaths this year, driven by the highly contagious Delta variant, relaxed restrictions and a slow roll-out of vaccinations. The Indian government has rejected the claim as exaggerated and misleading.

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Cuba’s promise of a homemade COVID-19 vaccine

Cuba, a world leader in medicine, has developed a coronavirus vaccine called Abdala – a nod to a poem by Cuban liberation hero Jose Martí. That month, the Cuban government granted the Abdala Shot Emergency Permit. This makes the country the first in Latin America to approve a home-grown vaccine.

Extreme weather leads climate scientists to question the accuracy of predictive models

From a scorching heat wave in Canada and the Pacific Northwest to massive flooding in Germany and Belgium, the recent extreme weather has surprised some climate scientists at how extreme it has got – and how quickly. Climate change is partly fueling these types of events. But do climate models keep pace with rapid change? (🎧)

Global hit

Brazilian songwriter Rodrigo Amarante’s second solo album includes everything from “Tuyo”, the theme song he wrote for the Netflix series “Narcos”, to the more personal “Tango” about the people he wants to be surrounded by. It is evidence of a rich musical career.

🎶And here’s a playlist! Almost three hours of global hits with music by Amarante and other artists that we presented on The World. 🌐

In case you missed it

From scorching heat waves to massive floods, the recent extreme weather has surprised some climate scientists. Are climate models keeping pace with rapid change? And the US and its allies officially blame China for hacking a Microsoft Exchange email server that hit tens of thousands of computers in March. Sudan was also a self-proclaimed Islamic state under the dictator Omar al-Bashir. After his fall in 2019, the Sudanese government now wants to introduce a separation between religion and state. More than 1,700 Iraqis have immigrated to Lithuania via Belarus in the past few weeks.

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