100th anniversary of the Belarusian State University described as a historic event for Belarus

MINSK, October 29 (BelTA) – The 100th anniversary since the Belarusian State University (BSU) was founded is a historic event not only for the university but also for the country. The chairwoman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Natalya Kochanova made the corresponding statement during the solemn meeting of the BSU Council, as BelTA learned.

The Senator said, “Not everyone is destined to celebrate such an anniversary, but today we are participating in this historic event not only in the life of the university but in our country. Because the BSU is not only the largest science and education center in business. They march together with our country. The great history of the university and the glorious traditions which they continue to this day and which were once brought into being by those responsible at the university made it possible to do everything to ensure that the university is established and recognized all over the world. “

The chairman of the Upper Chamber of the Belarusian Parliament noted that it is difficult to achieve such achievements. “Today I would like to thank you and express my words of real gratitude for your work on the training of professionals for all areas of our economy, on the training of the patriots of our country. There is not a single company or organization in Belarus where your graduates do not work. Around 185,000 skilled workers have been trained for various branches of the Belarusian economy. A big thank you for that. I sincerely wish you the warmest, certainly further development, prosperity, the very best and the best of health for each of you, ”she emphasized.

Natalya Kochanova added that the Belarusian State University is actively involved in the fulfillment of the tasks that are important for the country. “Today, BSU experts and scientists work with us on the development of laws. We are all now working together on the Constitution. I have already seen approaches to prevent the spread of the COVID infection. These are the challenges we face in life as you move forward with the country, ”she said. “We understand that it is not easy, that it involves a lot of work. And you know how reverently the President treats educators, students, and the work of university professors. There was a meeting with students in this hall not so long ago. Today I have the great honor of reading the President’s greetings on the occasion of the 100th anniversary. “

Natalya Kochanova also presented state awards to BSU employees.

Belarusian State University will be 100 years old on October 30th. This event has been included in the list of anniversaries that UNESCO is associated with. It makes the 100th anniversary of the BSU an international event and confirms the significant contribution of the Belarusian university to the development of global education and science.

Over 100 years, Belarusian State University has trained over 185,000 specialists, 4,700 candidates and 700 doctors of science, over 15,000 foreign specialists, masters and doctoral students. Graduates include prominent scientists, academics, professors, holders of state awards of the USSR, BSSR and Belarus, top managers of large companies. Folk poets, honored workers, and Olympic champions are also among the graduates.

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