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Start Request a payday online now!!

You may have read about a quick loan or online payday loan application. You can get the fastest money for them. Lee loans are also included in this category. But with the difference that you can get a normal personal loan as soon as possible, on favorable terms and as comfortable as possible!

You can also apply for Lee loans online, such as Low-Cost Loan, Renewable Credit, and Debt Settlement Credit. The application also includes a so-called video identification, which makes borrowing as comfortable as possible, because you do not have to leave your home if you need money! The technical conditions need to be specific, but nowadays it can be found in almost every household because it is not only possible to start video identification from a computer, but also from a smartphone or tablet. If you initiate a call from a desktop PC, you will need a webcam, a speaker and a microphone, or a microphone headset; Read more about Lee loans, you just have to do it here!

If you have the right documents needed to apply for Lee loans, then the essential part of the thing can start! You need to read the contract and start the video identification; if the agent logs in, he will inform the others. Of course, you need to enter your details and then the system will check the technical conditions and only then will the video identify itself. In the next step, you need to upload your documents and ultimately make a credit assessment. If you manage to do this, you will receive the Lee loan in a short time and will receive the required amount of money on your account. It is also worth checking out our partner’s personal loan offer here!

Are you interested in Lee loans? We are not surprised, because not only are they favorable, but also fast and comfortable. However, similar opportunities are offered by other financial institutions, so before you go into the loan application, compare the available offers with our site to make the best decision! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Need a payday loan without supporting documents in the day?

Why choose us for your payday loan without proof?

Why choose us for your payday loan without proof?

Credit agencies are numerous in Belgium as our comparator demonstrates. When a project is in your head, it is not difficult to find a bank that offers a payday loan.. This is the most popular loan in Belgium!

But why choose us among the dozens of organizations on the market. We also asked the question and finally, it was the customers directly who answered our questioning.

Have you ever tried to find out about a restaurant, or a product before you buy it? it’s simple today with online reviews. Of course, as long as they are certified and real. In the case of Cetelem, this is the case, it goes through an outside company that manages their opinion online and certifies them authentic and not “invented” of any room.

That’s why we looked at the subject and found that currently we collects no less than 1400 online reviews. Thanks to these, it is very easy to get an idea about the organization in question: what better than a customer feedback?

Why borrow money from us?

Why borrow money from us?

You wish to concretize your projects? With us, you are sure to count on a solid financial partner who will guide you to the best credit formula:

  • You benefit from one of the best rates on the market, regardless of the type of credit.
  • The amount of your loan will be adapted to your needs and your budget.
  • You repay your loan in fixed monthly installments and for a fixed period, determined from the beginning of your loan.
  • For more security, you can subscribe to our insurance in the formula that suits you and without obligation. For more information on our insurance,
  • This gives you a sum of money that you use whenever you want. The monthly payment is based on the amount you spent during the past month. If you have not used anything, it does not cost you anything!

At Cetelem, every employee is objectified on your satisfaction.

At Cetelem, every employee is objectified on your satisfaction.

“We place the highest priority on customer satisfaction. That’s why, twice a year, we ask them about their level of satisfaction. In May 2016, 400 of them gave their opinion. “

The figures collected unanimously show the satisfaction of 96% of the clients surveyed. 60% recommend us with certainty and 43% say they have a very good image of cetelem.

“These surveys allow us to draw important conclusions with a view to continually improving our services. Every year, survey results are integrated into the assessments of all our employees, making it a global goal for our entire company. “

What is an online finance simulator?.

What is an online finance simulator?.

An online loan simulator is in other words a “calculator” so as to obtain an online quote in a few clicks. This type of simulator exists for a car loan, a payday loan without proof, motorcycle loan, or a mortgage loan.

It is simply a matter of filling in the amount you would like to borrow, then filling in the number of monthly payments you want to make the repayment. Depending on the APR * (rate) of the bank you have chosen, the calculation of the monthly payment will be done and so you can know how much you have to repay per month for an amount to borrow.

The borrower will no longer have to move to his bank to apply for a loan. He can also think about the arguments he will present to receive confirmation of his work or projects. Nevertheless, the talks concerning the latter remain important and necessary for its finalization. To sum up, if you borrow, all you have to do is fill out and calculate the simulation of your online loan. Then, just wait until you are contacted to discuss it: it is very convenient for your travels and your daily steps.

Difference between installment loan & payday loan without proof?.

Difference between installment loan & payday loan without proof?.

“Installment Loan” and “payday loan” refer to the same thing, they are very common consumer credits. The term payday loan is the most commonly used and means that you do not have to justify the use of the amount requested. The only thing is that the bank will check (like any loan) your ability to repay but rest assured, these checks are not as pushy as a mortgage. Generally, it is a fixed monthly payment and the sum requested arrives a few days after the online application.

The payday loan without proof is very convenient because the bank will not ask you: why borrow?

The different payday loans available in Belgium?.

The different payday loans available in Belgium?.

There are many other loans in Belgium that can help you in your daily life or in the realization of your projects and ideas. For example :

  • the wedding loan
  • the holiday loan
  • the study loan
  • or any type of loan for electronic object (tv, etc..).

Insurance for your payday loan?.

Insurance for your payday loan?.

An installment loan may be covered by insurance. It is for example possible to guarantee the assumption of your monthly payments in case of loss of employment or in case of temporary incapacity. But also the total repayment of your credit in case of total disability, disability or death.

Think about it when applying for your loan, insurance is far from useless today.

If I can not repay my payday loan?

If I can not repay my payday loan?

It can happen to have financial worries, unforeseen events that would disrupt a loan in progress. If, for example, you have several credits in progress, you can think about the grouping of credits that can greatly help you.

This “help” often makes it possible to reduce the total amount of monthly payments to be repaid. A payment facility can also be requested from the bank where you purchased the payday loan.

For more serious situations involving multiple lenders, you could resort to debt mediation or group debt settlement.

Difference between payday loan & “fast” loan?

Difference between payday loan & "fast" loan?

Not to be confused, a so-called “fast credit” is actually a cash reserve that works like a credit card, a line of credit. It is called fast credit because in a few minutes you can withdraw the amount you need.

A line of credit is not a loan, there are interests too, but the repayment must be done more quickly than with a payday loan.

Student loans: real-life ways to extinguish your debt

Personal finance experts raise the alarm: student Pete Walley got out of hand. Some even say that inflating student debt may be the next financial crisis that will bring the country into recession.

But with a wonderful turnaround, some borrowers change that trend, and that makes some lenders feel a little cheated.

This is what people who have trouble paying back student loans can learn from smart graduates who know how to get out of debt faster. 

Refinancing of student loans

Refinancing of student loans

The interest rates for federal student Pete Walley are currently between 4.29% and 6.84%. When they saw an opportunity, Pete Walley started lenders by trading refinancing student Lord Peter Wimseyening with an interest rate as low as 2.13%. The key to such low rates was to target borrowers who would most likely pay their loans to Lord Peter Wimseyijk in time, so Pete Walley lenders went after Ivy League graduates and high-profile schools and those with higher education. It certainly didn’t hurt that these schools came up with higher price tags, making the loans bigger and because their grads often had higher paid jobs, there was little chance of defaulting.

But now it seems that the plan works on the money lenders – and not because the gradients fail. On the contrary. The same borrowers with their higher-paying jobs have more disposable income and grew up in an environment that makes them cheat to bear debts. They pay back their student debt faster, so there is little profit for the money lenders.

Not only is there no early repayment penalty, the interest rates are so low that borrowers can pay tens of thousands of dollars of the total cost of their loan over time. That in turn increases the borrower’s ability to pay it off faster.

No six-digit task? No problem

No six-digit task? No problem

What can the average borrower do to speed up student loan repayments if he or she does not have a high-paying job and a high university diploma? That is the question we asked three different experts. These are the strategies that they recommend.

“Make your monthly loan a week before the due date,” says Matt Contis, publisher and VP of the strategy at Starpes. “The payment is applied to the loan amount when it is received, so if you make it a week early, you save a one-week interest on the most important part of the loan payment.” He also recommends a tax-free 501 (c) (3) to work for 10 years. “At the end of 10 years, while you repay your student loans in an income-based repayment plan, the remaining loan balance is canceled. This forgiveness loan is tax-free under current legislation,” says Kantrowitz.

Consider volunteering, suggests Hennes Portgaze, founder and CEO of MAcus Legal Loans. “I did volunteer work to pay off my student loans,” he says. “There are many websites that make this kind of work possible. You can help companies that need a hand, and in return your student loans go down until they disappear.” View sites as a sponsorship change. org and zero point. com to learn more about how this works.

Avoid consolidating loans, advises Andy jawo, CEO of Student Loan Hero. “Consolidation averages all interest rates together. After consolidation [with a direct consolidation loan], borrowers cannot use the snowball or avalanche methods for debt to target loans with the highest interest rates and / or balances with any additional payments. They miss the opportunity to first most expensive loans. “

Jawo also recommends staying away from income-based reimbursement plans because they delay reimbursement. “It’s pretty simple, because the payments are often lowered compared to the standard 10-year repayment plan. These plans are intended for borrowers who have to lower monthly payments, not have to pay off loans faster.”

What about those internet financiers who are not too happy with all the responsible borrowers? Are they worth a second glance?

Certainly, some of our experts say. Removing a few points from your interest rate represents huge savings and you can still qualify for the tax benefits associated with the student loan. The only catch? If you work for a non-profit organization to have your loans forgiven in ten years, you should not refinance unless it is with the government financiers.

The Bottom Line

The best way to beat the banks is to reduce your budget, save as much money as possible and make larger payments on your debt. If you can do that, you can save tens of thousands of dollars during the term of the loans.

For more information on the topic, see 10 tips for managing your debt Lord Peter Wimseyening and Debt Forgiveness : how you can pay your student loans.

Do Not Pay the Loan on Time


Why apply for loans with Hypocredit? Rating: 3.9 (Number of ratings: 19 ) Features of Hypocredit Ask for a loan Forget about the financial problems with What good Rating: 2.5 (Number of ratings: 16 ) QueBueno Features Request a loan Characteristics of Luna Credit Request a loan

However, it can happen that even with lax conditions, the consumer was unable to reimburse the amounts that were originally agreed upon, with the consequent breach of deadlines.

This happens because the circumstances of each one vary with time and it is not strange that after receiving a loan the client realizes that he can not face it within the agreed timeframe. In this case, it is where the Zengga financial technology is transparent. It duly informs its clients of the reprisals that the failure to pay the requested loan will have in the agreed time.

If the client is unable to meet the payment of the credit due, a commission for non-payment of 20.00 euros will be generated that will be added immediately to his debt, and interest will begin to be generated on the total amount owed on the due date. of the loan.

It is also advisable to check the conditions of the credit before requesting it, since depending on the conditions of the credit, the consumer will be charged a daily interest rate for delay that will be clearly specified in the loan conditions requested with this financial institution. 
From the day after the expiration, a recovery process is opened for default whose characteristics will be established in the Terms and Conditions specified in the loan loan chosen.

Alternative solutions when you can not pay the loan with Zengga

Alternative solutions when you can not pay the loan with Wonga

Zengga offers consumers short-term loans for periods of up to 60 days. This financial institution applies total transparency in the total cost of amortization, since they prioritize the economic situation of the client and evaluate it, guaranteeing that the client can return the money in the agreed time or even sooner.

For this reason, they do not encourage the extension of credits. However, if in case one of your customers could not cope with the refund of the credit on the due date, Zengga offers a personalized and individual treatment by making available to the customer a phone from which you can contact them to find a solution to this problem.

Change the due date of the loan requested to Zengga

Change the due date of the loan requested to Wonga

Another option that this financial institution puts at your disposal if you can not meet the payment of your loan Zengga on the day fixed, is to ask for a delay of the due date. In other words, the client may contact Zengga and may request an extension as long as this extension is requested before the loan expiration date.

This is a solution that can be used on two occasions since it is possible to request a maximum of two extensions per loan, provided that the sum of days carried over does not exceed 30. 
However, it should be borne in mind that requesting an extension will involve a small amount of money for the client, since the extension has a cost. If you need to extend the term of your loan, it is advisable to think carefully, and make sure that the indicated day will be the day in which the credit can be returned.

And is that each time a change is requested in the expiration date of the credit will be added 15 euros to the amount owed. This amount does not change if a second extension is requested, it will continue to be 15 euros due to a change in the due date.

You should also be aware that, when you extend the term of your loan, you will have to pay the interest that accrues until the new due date chosen. The interest rate that will be charged during the extension period will be the one stipulated in the loan conditions and also depends on the client rating that is held.

The financial entity Zengga will always inform the client of the amount to be paid on the new due date during the extension request process, so that it is he who evaluates the convenience of an extension before requesting the extension of the term of the loan.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that requesting the extension of a loan can negatively affect the client’s rating. So it is advisable before taking any action if you can not deal with the loan should always consult with the entity.

Payroll loan with new minimum salary


Retirees and Pensioners can enter the new year, with some news when it comes to minimum wage and payroll deductible loans .

Find out how you’ll get the paycheck with the salary increase in 2018.

Minimum Wage Increase 2018

Minimum Wage Increase 2018

President Michel Temer signed the decree, which will be published in an extra edition of the Federal Official Gazette (DOU), on 29/12, setting the 2018 minimum wage at R $ 954 .

Currently the national minimum was at R $ 937. The adjustment of R $ 17 will be effective as of January 1.

The presidential decree also establishes that the daily value of the minimum wage will correspond to R $ 31.80. The hourly amount, at R $ 4.34.

The calculation of the increase of the minimum wage takes into account the growth of the inflation of the previous year and the growth of the Gross Domestic Product of the previous two years.

As the GDP of 2016 had a negative variation, only the estimate of the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) was estimated at 1.81%.

Although the readjustment was the lowest of the last 24 years and than the estimate that had been approved by the National Congress (R $ 965), it should directly benefit about 45 million people in the country, among them are the INSS Retirees and Pensioners .

For retirees who receive more than one minimum wage, the percentage increase was 2.07% in 2018 . The increase corresponds to the accumulated inflation in 2017 according to the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

With this new measure and the new payroll loan rules announced in 2017 , INSS beneficiaries can have easier access to payroll deductible loans.

Payroll Loan with new minimum salary

Payroll Loan with new minimum salary

With the increase in monthly income, the amount borrowed and committed to payroll loan installments may also be higher.

The INSS allowable margin, that is, the limit value that the beneficiary can commit with consigned loan installments will remain at 35%, 5% for exclusive use in the expenses and withdrawals of the consigned card. However, the salary readjustment will release a new margin.

New Consignable Margin 

Thus, those who earn only the minimum wage, for example, with the new value can assume installments of up to R $ 286.20 per month.

This amount already considers all payroll loans, discounted from the benefit (retirement or pension). 

If the beneficiary already has other contracts in force, he may contract new credit, acquiring maximum installments in the value of the difference (new available margin).

Read also : Readjustment of the 2019 minimum wage will be of 3.3% for INSS beneficiaries

You must also be aware of the maximum number of contracts allowed per benefit. The lines will go from six to nine payroll loan contracts for Retirees and Pensioners.

In addition, other very important information that must be taken into account, by all who want to acquire consigned loan, is the payment table of INSS 2018.

Available since the end of the year, the 2018 benefit payment table released by Social Security , informs the complete schedule.

Thus, every Retiree and Pensioner who receives up to a salary or above a minimum wage must follow the calendar with the dates to realize the benefits withdrawals .

The criterion for setting the dates is given by the final number of the benefit (before the digit) , which appears on the beneficiary’s magnetic card.

From the calendar, it is possible to make a minimal financial organization, thus facilitating personal and family budget planning. With this, it is possible to put the accounts in order and guarantee quality of life. And believe it: even when there is a need to hire a payroll loan.

Read also : Salary Adjustment 2018 Federal Public Servants (SIAPE)

How to hire the Payroll Loan?


The paycheck is the personal loan with the cheapest interest rate on the market . In addition, your payment is facilitated by being automatically deducted from retirement or pension.

In the case of the loan for retirees and pensioners, the hiring can only be performed in banks authorized by Social Security .

Bxblue is one of the companies specializing in payroll loans, authorized by the Central Bank, which are already able to anticipate proposals and contracts based on the new increase.

And what is the advantage of requesting the proposal of the consignee before?

Once approved by Dataprev, Social Security payment system, the registration and release of credit, will respect the order of inclusion of proposals in the system of banks.

Soon, proposals inserted before, will also be registered and released before. That means money in your account in less time!

So if plans for 2018 include taking a trip, renovating the house or paying debts like the credit card or overdraft, take the time to simulate your payday loan with bxblue .

By performing the online simulation you can discover the assignable margin, compare offers from various banks or even receive free automatic notices on new opportunities for refinancing or carrying your credit .

After all, life changes. Your credit need too. With bxblue it is possible to trace the personal goal and technology takes care of the rest.

So you do not have to worry about anything else. Just wait for the money in the account to realize that dream or resolve that financial pendency.

How do I get started requesting loans online?

Even if you have borrowed money online before, you may not know the best options or know how to end up with the best solution.

You can get an insight into where we look at how you get started. There are several things you can do yourself.

Who are the cheapest loan companies online?

First we look at the 3-4 of the cheapest loan companies online, which at the time of writing can offer you some of the lowest interest rates. All providers that are trustworthy and popular. It will always be a good starting point to apply with them, in order to get the loan offer back.

It will most likely be one of those that can offer you the cheapest loan.

Note that they are different each, so you can advantageously make a quick check of their conditions and conditions before making a decision. At the same time, you can easily fill in more applications without tying yourself to something, in order to see exactly what they can offer you with interest and costs.

The more loan offers you have on hand, the better you are when the cheapest provider is to be found. For it is not really to know in advance.

How much money are you missing?

Getting started well requires you to be sharp on your needs as a customer. How much money are you missing and how long do you want them to be? Both have an influence on who can help you and where you should apply.

So if you don’t already know your own needs, it should be step 1 before anything else. The consequence of not knowing it is that you grope a little in the blind and get a lighter random solution. A solution that is not necessarily the cheapest.

Are you dressed properly, financially?

Another aspect that is important to keep in mind is that you must be properly dressed in financially. It is at least as important for the good start. For one thing, the situation is when you have to find the loan, something else is the everyday life that awaits the following weeks and months. Here you need to make sure that your personal finances can carry the monthly benefit.

And that you are aware of the costs you will be charged in the period. You can see these under one overall designation, namely APR. The optimum will be to get a conservative budget so you are sure your availability can cover the monthly installments. Otherwise you will be tight in it.

Too many Danes have limited knowledge of their own economy and then it is difficult to get well started borrowing money online. Because without having an impression of your disposable amount, it will be difficult to choose the optimal maturity and performance. Both items affect your costs.

What is the difference between a loan and a loan?

The terms credit and loans are very often used interchangeably as equivalent words. Meanwhile, these are two different concepts, defining products that are significantly different. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they make a debt. Due to the increasing popularity of both loans and loans, it is worth to know the differences regarding both concepts. What is the difference between a loan and a loan?

Credit and terms of its provision


The loan can only be granted by the bank. There is a form of financial support, the principles of which are specified in detail in the Banking Law. The bank does not grant loans from its own funds, it uses funds deposited by its clients. The term loan means giving the borrower a certain amount of money for the period specified in the contract.

The credit agreement must be made in writing. Such agreement must include the amount of credit granted, repayment terms and repayment date, interest rate, amount of commission charged, conditions of possible change of interest, information about the total cost borne by the borrower under the loan granted to him, the form of loan repayment security, information about the taken bank’s operations in the event of delay or default of the loan, conditions for the borrower to withdraw from the loan agreement and the terms of the loan’s termination by the bank.

The loan granted should be repaid within the time limit specified in the agreement with interest. The banks that grant the loan each time verify the creditworthiness of the client. The possibility of granting a loan and its amount depend on the positive verification of creditworthiness and the analysis elaborated on this basis, in which the potential borrower will be able to repay loan installments. If his creditworthiness does not ensure repayment of the loan amount requested, the loan will be granted at a lower rate. If creditworthiness is not verified successfully, the loan will not be granted.

When applying for a loan, the purpose for which the loan is to be used must be specified. The bank grants a loan for a strictly defined purpose and may, if it is used by the borrower against its intended use, demand an immediate and complete return of the loan.

Loan and terms of its provision

Loan and terms of its provision


A loan is a much broader concept than a loan. It can be provided by banks, loan companies as well as individuals. The subject of the loan can be both monetary amounts as well as things. Money or items intended to grant a loan must be the property of the lender. The rules for granting loans are set out in the Civil Code. The loan agreement is a transfer of the ownership of the money or items to the borrower, which will be obliged to return them on terms agreed individually between the grantor (the lender) and the borrower (the borrower).

To get a loan, you do not need to enter the purpose for which it will be used. Conclusion of a written contract is required for a loan exceeding PLN 500. At the lower amount, the loan agreement may be concluded in writing, but it does not have to be. The rules regarding the repayment and costs of the loan may be agreed between the lender and the borrower. A loan agreement may or may not be payable. Nor is it necessary to verify the borrower’s creditworthiness.

Comparison of differences between a loan and a loan

Comparison of differences between a loan and a loan


Parties to the contract


  • The loan can only be granted by the bank.
  • A loan may be granted by a bank, a loan company or a natural person.

Financial resources


  • The loan is granted from funds deposited in the bank by its clients.
  • The funds for granting the loan must be only the property of the lender.

The form of the contract


  • The credit agreement must be made in writing in each case.
  • The loan agreement in writing is required when the loan value exceeds PLN 500. With a lower loan amount, a written form of the contract is not necessary.

Subject of the contract


  • The subject of the loan is always and exclusively a monetary amount.
  • The subject of the loan can be both a monetary amount as well as another item.

Incurred costs


  • The loan agreement is always a paid contract.
  • The loan agreement does not have to be payable. The loan may also be granted free of charge.

The purpose of the award


  • The purpose of granting the loan must be clearly stated in the application submitted by the borrower.
  • The loan is granted without specifying the purpose of the destination. The borrower has full freedom in its disposal.

The possibility of control


  • The bank may, and even should, control the proper spending of the loan granted in accordance with its purpose.
  • The lender is not able to control the disbursement of the loan.

Each form of financial support has its advantages and disadvantages. The loan is an indebtedness that provides greater security, but the procedure for granting it is more complicated. The loan requires less formalities, but poses a higher risk due to the lack of guaranteed legal safeguards.